Ao1 Audition Notice

Son of a Carpenter
by Robert White


Joseph follows his father’s footsteps as a carpenter and tradesman in Nazareth, and hopes one day one of his sons will also follow his footsteps. When his parents decide it’s time for Joseph to marry, they make arrangements with the parents of a local young woman. At first, Joseph is reluctant to consider marriage, wanting to make sure he is following God’s will and not just his parents’ wishes. As he warms to the idea, Mary gives him some unexpected and unbelievable news. How does Joseph reconcile this incredible news with his own beliefs? How does a man of faith learn to believe in the unbelievable? The Son of a Carpenter explores this dilemma by focusing on Joseph’s journey to the answer.


Thursday Sept. 5th 6 – 9pm

Friday Sept. 6th   6 – 9pm

Saturday Sept.7th   10am – 6pm


Location will be sent to you once you sign up (southend of Guelph)


  1. A resume of past experience and interests
  2. A short monologue (not mandatory)
  3. You will be reading from the script – sides (portions of the script) will be available to view prior to your audition

Each audition will be allotted 30 min.

AUDITIONS by appointment only.
Please call or email Janet Dufton for an appointment 519-222-2063 or email

**** Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time to fill out an information sheet ****


Dec.5th, 6th, 7th*, 8th & 12th, 13th, 14th*,15th (* 2 performances Saturday’s)



NARRATOR:                                              MALE – 30 to 40 year old Israelite

JOSEPH, Son of Jacob                        A 30 to 50 year old Israelite widower with three children who is a carpenter (a ‘tekton’ – either a woodworker or someone who made objects in various materials)

MARY, Daughter of JOACHIM       Late teens/early 20s, betrothed to Joseph

JACOB                                                          Mid 60s to 70s – Father of Joseph, also a carpenter but who is now more of an overseer of his son and crew

NAOMI                                                        Mother of Joseph

JOACHIM                                                   Father of Mary

ANNE                                                            Mother of Mary

BENJAMIN                                                 Joseph’s best friend

JAMES (10)                                                Joseph’s Children
JUDE (5)




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